What’s up with Shabtai?

Dance theater for children aged 3-7

“Only rarely do we encounter a truly worthy children show, one that will leave its mark, teaching children that theater is a pleasure worth re-visiting, not only because someone falls on his bottom… and not because television celebrities take-part… Shabtai is a rare spectacle: full of joy, surprising and even a little challenging” -Ha’aretz


Amalia goes to kindergarten
every morning at nine
Only Shabtai is left behind, a faithful canine!
While Amalia plays in the sand
Bounces a ball and claps her hands,
Shabtai at home throws a party
Inviting all his dog friends,
Coolie and Shortie!
They’re having a great time
and the food is so good,
The noise they make wakes up
the whole neighbourhood!

Suddenly the phone rings and spoils it all
Behind the door an angry voice calls,
Who’s that? It’s Tushia the neighbour,
And when she’s around
that always means danger!
Will the naughty dog be caught?
Will this bring an end to his pranks and plots?


Review by Ronit Rokas, City Mouse

Duration: 50 Minutes

Writing and Design: Orit Bergman | Direction and Choreography: Michal Herman and Alon Schwabe | Artistic Consultant and Costumes: Idit Herman | Amalia: Anael Blumental / Zoya Bronshteyn | Shabtai: Kazuyo Shionoiri | Coolie: Raphael K Haugas / Dror Liberman | Shortie: Tsvi Peterkovski / Or Lev-Ari | Tushia: Michal Herman / Gabrielle Neuhaus / Oded Zadok | Lighting: Asi Gotesman | Sound: Dirk Kunesch, Dmitry Tyulpanov | Dolls and Props: Dmitry Tyulpanov

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