The Ensemble

Clipa Theater was founded in 1995 by actor and musician Dmitry Tyulpanov (Russia, 1966-2015), and dancer, director and choreographer Idit Herman (Israel, 1971).
The two performers created a unique performative language, combining theater, dance, design and music: a brilliant duet resulting in a Total Theater; characterized by having complete control over all aspects of a show: movement, use of space, set design, costumes, sound, lighting and direction – all of which are fundamental artistic tools of expression, combined with the performing artist’s abilities.

Clipa Theater can be defined in many different ways. Its name (meaning “shell”, “peel”) tells of a husk, wrapped around several identities, creators and theatrical experiences. Each of the creators’ shows is its own world, and no show is like the other. Out of awareness to the international field of performance, Clipa carries on canonical traditions, while pushing the limits concerning aesthetics and the familiar language. Simultaneously, it constantly responds the political and social status in Israel.
Clipa changes its skin to fit the zeitgeist, and is always up-to-date with the ever-changing world of performing arts. This is a futuristic theater, that will not stop examining the new and intriguing trends in its field, and will attempt to invent new ones. The Clipa theater changes the viewer’s experience, pushes the boundaries of what can be called “a show” and calls for action – on stage and off.
It’s impossible to talk about Clipa without mentioning the importance of imagination. Whether it be twisted, extravagant or simply wild – it’s always intended to provoke thought, to bewilder us and to change the way we perceive the world.
Clipa has contributed much to the development of visual theater in Israel, and is considered the leader in its field. Over the course of its existence, Clipa created dozens of shows, and has cooperated with numerous major cultural institutes and figures in Israel and the rest of the world.

1996 – Sternfeld award for theater, for the show “Clipa”
1997 – First place, “Gvanim” dance festival, for the show “Angel”
1999 – Best fringe show, Israel’s theater awards, for the show “Wanted”
2001 – Most important theatrical event of the year, according to “Yediot Aharonot” readers, for the show “Deus Ex”
2003 – Rosenblum award for theater, for the group’s accomplishments in the field
2003-2006 – The excellence in culture fund’s choice award
2008 – Most important street theater performance of the year, polish “Theater” magazine, for the show “Salto Mortalle”
2009 – Landau Prize of the Israeli Lottery Culture Council – Theater Director category
2012 – Winner of the competition for contemporary choreography plan of the Korean cultural ministry.


We appreciate the honesty of movement, rather than that of the spoken word.
We think performing is the ultimate lie.
We believe that our time on stage is closer to reality than any other time.

The art of performing is the sense, the moment, the magic – the “thing” which happens between a performer and viewer. It occurs in a time and place, and in relation to the two. It emphasizes the way the performer acts, moves and creates visual imagery in front of the crowd.

The performing arts are free from the boundaries of a plot, and is best understood as a poem. It applies to all senses. It is always a one-time-only event.

The Clipa ensemble believes in a “Total Theater” experience, and in original creation of all aspects of each show. The audience’s experience begins with entering the theater, which is a part of the show.

We believe that a performing artist must master a few different crafts. The actors in the ensemble are actors and dancers, and some are also composers and players. They specialize in different crafts and create the sets, props and costumes for the shows.

Work ethics in the ensemble is characterized by complete creative freedom, alongside personal discipline and awareness. The actors believe in creating as a way to grow and personally develop themselves, and in the power art has to change our reality. The artists of Clips are in constant search for the balance between their own personal creation and being a part of a group.

We think the stage has lost the ability to represent the reality we face each day. We choose to give new meaning to difficult topics, and push and blur the boundaries between performance and reality, or even personal truth.

We explore and challenge the part of the beholder, and the crowd’s involvement in each show.

As Israeli artists, we constantly face the question regarding the artist’s place in society. That is why we choose to offer imagery of the current state of events, revealing questions and alternatives.

Clipa theater aspired to create using a unique language and a method. Both of which are always changing. Our way of working and creating is characterized by “peeling” the established method. The ensemble’s way, is that of change.

Ensemble Members

Dima Founder

Dmitry Tyulpanov | (1966-2015) Born in Leningrad.

Studied sculpting in the Leningrad school of arts, while also studying acting and music in the city’s university. After his graduation, he was recruited to the red army as a trumpet player.

In 1998, using skills one can only acquire in the red army, he joined the rock band “AVIA”, which later formed the renowned russian theater group “DEREVO”, lead by Anton Adasinsky.

Dimitry created and performed with the group until 1995. in 1994, he met Idit Herman, and the two began working on collaborative works. After a year, they founded Clipa Theater in Tel-Aviv.

Aside from creating, directing and performing in most of Clipa’s shows, as well as composing original music for them, Dimitry invented, designed and built the sets, props and accessories used in all of the shows.

Dima passed away in February 2015, during Clipa’s tour of India. In 2017, Clipa built a dedicated website in memory of Dima

Idit Artistic Director and Founder

Idit Herman | (1971) Born in Israel

Studied dance from a young age, and later on choreography. Between 1989-1991 danced with the Bat-Sheva dance group. She later created and danced in various projects in Belgium and Holland, where she met Dimitry Tyulpanov.

After two years of working together, the two founded Clipa Theater in Tel-Aviv. Under the theater, they co-created dozens of shows, which received critical acclaim worldwide. Along with the rest of the ensemble, they created a unique theatrical language.

Idit founded and managed the international theater festival “Clipa Aduma”. Under her management, the theater has won several awards in Israel and the rest of the world, among them are the Sternfeld Award for Theater, the Rosenblum Award and the Israeli Theater’s Award for Best Fringe Show.

Today Idit is Clipa’s artistic director. She directs and designs most of the group’s shows, and participated in some of them. Among her notable works are “Orpheus of Suburbia”, “Paradize” and the performances “Forever/Never”, “Facility 27” and “Culture in the Periphery”.

Ariel Creator, Performer

Ariel Bronz | (1984) Born in Odessa.

Immigrated to Israel in 1990. Studied theater in the Yoram Levinshtein Drama school. Studied art and philosophy in Minshar art school. Graduated from the Nissan Nativ Drama school in Tel-Aviv.

Founded “The Bronz-Belt” company with director and choreographer Marina Beltov. performances of the company has been touring Israel and festivals around the globe. The company has received its inspiration from the absurd theater, surrealism, DADA, physical theater, and mostly deals with exposing the mechanism of corruption in the Israeli society.

In 2015 Bronz started working with Idit Herman, artistic director of Clipa Theater. Together they created the powerful piece “Facility 27”.

Notable shows include the performance “Who wants to ride on a camel?” and the solo “Love the juice”. The latter made a big impact after performing in an Israeli culture convention and being brutally kicked off stage for debasing symbols of the state. The incident made the Israeli Minister of Culture press charges and made Bronz an official enemy of Israel.

Ariel created and directed “Midsummernightsdream” (an adaptation of Shakespear’s classic), and the performances “Somebody’s Home” and “Culture in the Periphery”.

Michal Creator, Performer

Michal Herman | (1974) Born in Israel.

An independant creator for festivals in Israel and abroad, teaches dance, performer and creator in Clipa theater.

Graduated from Thelma Yellin school of arts (dance), and from Seminar Hakibutzim’s teaching course.

Michal participated in several shows for the Cameri and Habima theaters, and danced for Bat-Sheva ensemble. She also danced for Liat Dror and Nir Ben-Gal’s group, Noa Dar, Itzik Galili and others. Michal won the Minister of Culture and Science’s award in 2003, 2007 and 2012.

Since the founding of Clipa theater, Michal worked as rehearsal-coordinator, dancer, actress, administrator and house-choreographer.

Her works in the field of dance were shown in many festivals, including “Haramat Masach”, “Colors in Dance” and “Intimadance”.

in Clipa, she performed in the international festival “Clipa Aduma” between 2007 and 2011, created the choreography for the shows “What’s Up With Shabtai” and “Lola’s Song”, acted in the performance “Forever\Never” and brought all of her original shows to Clipa’s stage.

She founded “Gufyia”, a training course working inside of Clipa and concentrates on body, performance, creation and inspiration. Under “Gufyia”, Michal also runs a summer day camp for children.

In September 2015, Michal debuted her latest show in Clipa: “The Hostess”, in which she invites different key people from her life to an open conversation and duet in front of an audience.

Artour Creator, Performer

Artour Astman | (1982) Born in Russia.

Choreographer, dancer, painter, actor and artist. Artour began dancing at the age of 4. In 1999, he graduated from the school of ballet in Voronij, and moved to Israel. He studied in the academy for music and dance in Jerusalem for two years. In 2002 he joined the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Group, where he danced and created for 6 years.

In 2008 Artour participated in the reality TV show “Born to Dance” 3, and won the 2nd place.

Along the years, Artour has worked with the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Group, Barak Marshall, Suzanne Dellal Institute, Maya Donsky, Clipa Theater and many other musicians, directors, painters and photographers.

Between 2009-2015 Artour worker with Maria Kong’s international group of artists. There he created, danced and designed the costumes for the group.

Since 2015, Artour is a part of Clipa Theater, responsible for the choreography in the ensemble’s shows. That same year he debuted his first solo performance in Clipa: “Afternoon + Evening with Faun”. He is also a guest choreographer in the russian reality show “ТАНЦЫ на ТНТ”.

Additionally, Artour is a painter, and his works are displayed in galleries in Israel and around the world.

Rafael Performer

Rafael K. Haugas | (1984) Born in Ukraine.

Raised and educated in Ashdod, Israel. As a teenager, he studied theater, fencing, stage combat and dance, and even participated in many productions. Later, he studied in the Nissan Nativ acting studio in Tel-Aviv.

During his time in the studio, he co-created the show “Tenant Haimovitch”, in which  he also performed. It was first performed in his third year in the studio. The show was successful, and went on to perform in festivals in Israel and the rest of the world.

Since then, Rafael played in several fringe shows, was an actor of a russian-speaking theater and was recently cast as the lead in a russian feature-film.

Rafael joined Clipa theater in 2012. In the theater he performed in the “Clipa Aduma 6” international festival. He was a performer in Clipa’s “Forever/Never”, which was featured in the Israel Festival in Jerusalem. He plays in the shows “What’s Up with Shabtai” and “Paradize” as Adam.

Besides being an actor in Clipa, Rafael is also the theater’s tech-guy, and operated the sound and lighting for Clipa and other theaters in Israel.

Zvi Performer

Zvi Petrovski | (1980) Born in Israel.

Zvi and Dartanian (Jack-Russel Terrier, 9), Joined Clipa Theater in 2009. For years, Zvi studied music and today he teached and plays the guitar, ukulele, accordion, banjo and harmonica. In 2006, he created the band “Zvi and the Escorts” in which we wrote, composed and performed the songs. The band’s songs combine french shansons, cabaret, blues, rock and traditional russian music.

Zvi is also a confectioner and ex-restaurateur, and was the owner of a restaurant and a bakery for five years, while simultaneously performing his songs in bars and coffee-shops.

He came to Clipa Theater by accident: A theater student from Haifa saw him play the accordion and asked if he’s from Clipa. Zvi, who didn’t know what Clipa was, became intrigued, and joined one of the theater’s classes. He is an actor in the ensemble ever since.

The chances of catching vi without Dartanian are slim, and you can see them together in the show “Paradize”, as well as on street performances. Zvi performed in Clipa’s “Kafka”, “What’s Up With Shabtai”, “Lola’s Song”, the performance “Forever\Never” and recently in the show “Somebody Home”.

Additionally, you can see Zvi in his street show “Toy Band” or with his new band “The Billhillies”.

Oded Creator, Performer

Oded Zadok | (1974) Born in Israel.

Studied acting in the Yoram Levinstein studio. Upon his graduation, Oded began dancing for several well-known choreographers such as Yael Oreni, Sally-Anne Friedland, Michal Herman and others.

Over the years, he has mastered many different arts, in the world of acting: Bufoonery, physical-theater, buto, acting with masks, acting for camera, design and more.

Oded played in many theater shows, including “The Rite of Spring”, “Four Seasons”, “A Dog’s Heart” and “K’s Show”. Oded has worked in the Cameri theater and was part of many projects in TV and cinema.

Over the last decade, Oded has been working in Clipa, participating in the performance “Forever/Never”,and in the show “Paradize”.  He created the children’s show “Tales of the Magical Forest” and “This is How We Do It”.

Additionally, oded performed in Clipa’s “Facility 27”, “Culture in the Periphery” and recently created the children’s show “Good Night Hillel”.

Oryan Yohanan Creator, Performer

Oryan Yohanan | (1985) Born in Israel

Multi-disciplinary artist, rehearsal manager and dance teacher. Started dancing ballet at the age of 6 and graduated from The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance High School in 2003. Won the first prize at the “Mia Arbatova Ballet Competition 2002”.

Danced in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (2006-2010). In 2010-2011 she danced in “The Project” company of the Israeli Opera House and Suzanne Dellal as main dancer, in pieces by William Forsythe, Emanuel Gat, Jacopo Godani, Idan Sharabi and others. Since 2011 Oryan works as a freelance dancer with choreographers such as Sahar Azimi, Idit Herman, Gili Navot and many others.

In 2014 Oryan was awarded with the Ministry of Culture and Sport’s award for performing dancer. In summer 2017, Oryan became a reality star as she performed at the successful TV show “Move It Israel”.  

Among her pieces are – “Missis” (2007), “Sea-Land” (2013), “The War Room” (2013), “No Blood Relation.ever” (2014), “The Being Herd” (2015), “I-Dare-U” (2016) and “More or Less is More” (2016). Her latest creation will be premiered at the “Curtain Up festival” this November.  

She teaches Ballet, contemporary, improvisation, floor work and repertoire for schools such as the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance High School, Thelma Yellin School of Arts, Yoram Loewenstein Acting School, Bikurey Haetim and others.

Dror Creator, Performer

Dror Liberman | (1988) Born in Israel

As a child in Be’er Sheva, Dror practiced different and versatile physical-movement techniques, including judo, parkour, acrobatics, classical ballet, contemporary dance and rock climbing.

He has worked with various choreographers, including Nimrod Freed, Sharona Florshaim, Noa Dar, Nir De Volff and Maya Briner.

At the age of 25, he came to Clipa Theater with his performance “The Lowest Spot in Tel-Aviv”. Following the show’s success, he was a part of Clipa’s performance “Forever/Never”. He later went on to create a total of 7 works.

In 2015, he created his solo show “Neither Soft Nor Light”, an autobiographical piece that combines performance and dance. The show saw great success in Israel, and is traveling the world since its debut.

Kazuyo Creator, Performer

Kazuyo Shionoiri | (1984) Born in Tokyo.

Choreographer, performer, artist and creator.

Graduated with a Masters of Arts from the Department of Dance and Sports in the Women’s College for Physical Education in Japan. Shortly after her graduation, she has received awards such as the “Japanese-Government Overseas Study Programme For Artist” (2010) and “Pola Art Foundation” (2012) for her unique and promising voice as a choreographer.

Since joining Clipa, Kazuyo participated in the children’s show “What’s Up With Shabtai”, created “Take-Down” with Dror Liberman and “This is How We Do It” with Oded Zadok.

Her shows have been performed world-wide, receiving critical acclaim in places like Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Japan and many others.

Kazuyo currently lives in Tel-Aviv.

Anael Performer

Anael Blumental | (1985) Born in Israel.

Graduated from the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio. A physical actress, acrobalance artist, singer and dancer.

Anal was a part of “Odd-Birdz” ensemble, and in the repertory theater she played for the Cameri theater in “Macbeth” and “Dag Mussar”.

Anael performed in shows in the Acco Festival for different theater (“Let’s Play”, “Diamedia”), in which she combined acting with pantomime and acrobalance.

In 2014, she took part in the Venice Mask Festival, in the performance “Pyromania” held at the Passi Palace.

In television, Anael appeared in the shows “Alenbi”, “Lo Hivtachti Lach” and more. She was in the movies “Truth” by Yaron Alush and “Bird in the Room” by Ari Davidovich. Recently, she played in the show “Hakeves Hashisha-Asar” in the National Youth Theater.

In Clipa Theater, Anael originally came for a performance and dance-theater workshop. She now participates in the performance “Forever/Never”, in the children’s show “What’s Up with Shabtai” and in “Somebody’s Home”.

Additionally, Anael directs, creates choreography for the theater, is dubbing for TV and is a professional makeup artist.

Adi Performer

Adi Paz | (1983) Born in Israel.

Actress, dancer, choreographer, indipendant creator and a teacher of dance-theater.

Graduated from the school of dance-theater in Seminar Hakibutzim, with a degree in dance-theater instruction. Studied choreography in the “Kelim” school.

As a choreographer and performer, she has created six shows so far: “Premiere”, “Personal Bandage”, “Man, Woman, Earth”, “Polianot”, “Post-it” and “Waiting List”.

in Clipa theater, Adi plays in the children’s show “Lola’s Song” and in the show “Somebody’s Home”.

Besides her work in the theater, Adi teaches dance-theater for all ages, and teached movement courses for actors and dancers. She has choreographed many shows in Israel, and today she mostly teaches movement in different places around the country, and performs as an actress and dancer in the “Tozeret-Bait” ensemble.

Marijn Production coordinator

Marijn Alders Braz | (1979) Born in The Netherlands

Marijn coordinates Clipa’s productions, collaborations  and tours.  

Marijn completed her studies in Journalism and Political Science and worked as a reporter and photojournalist in The Netherlands and in Israel since 2002.

Marijn completed her studies in financial administration and specialized as an administrator for cultural and non-profit organisations. She immigrated to Israel in 2016.

Yoni Sound Designer, Performer

Yoni Tal | (1984) Born in Israel.

Musician, sound designer, programmer, tech-manager and performer upon request.

Yoni began playing the piano at the age of 7, and from classical music moved on to jazz. After his military service, Yoni studied sound and music production in the BPM school in Tel-Aviv, where he discovered the electronic music, and merged it into his creations.

Upon graduation, he began working as a sound and lighting technician in various theaters, while simultaneously creating original music for them.

In 2011 Yoni joined Clipa theater as a cashier. Since then, he moved between every technical position in the theater, while composing original music for the group. In 2016 he first appeared as a guest actor in the group’s shows.

Played, composed and designed in the productions “Orpheus of Suburbia”, “Lola’s Song”, “Atom”, “This is How We Do It”, “Love the Juice”, “Somebody Home” and more.

Gabrielle Performer

Gabrielle Neuhaus | (????) Born in Switzerland.

Dancer, actress and performance artist. After a long career as a dancer in Brussels, London, Geneva, Paris, Zurich and Basel, Gabriel came To Israel. Gabriel has created interdisciplinary works, collaborating with artists from different areas of expertise. Among those artists are vocalist Anat Pik, plastic artist Anat Michaelis-Levi and poet Anat Zecharia. Her works has been shown in various galleries, theaters and festivals.

She participated in the “Clipa Aduma” festival in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014 as well as in Intimadance festival in 2012 and 2013.

She joined Clipa in 2011, and is a part of the ensemble’s performances ever since. Her solo show “The Woman Who Would Not Come Down” debuted in Clipa in 2012, and is since performing worldwide. in 2015, she presented a new solo in Clipa, called “Up and Down and Away With It”, performed in “Facility 27” and participated in “LAVASH”, a first-ever co-production with artists from Armania.

In 2016, she took part in a residency program in Italy, by the Bogliasco foundation New-York, created the social project “Street Poetry” and co-created the children’s show “Good Night Hillel” with Oded Zadok.

Gabriel designs and creates all of the costumes for her shows. She usually works with unconventional raw materials, such as paper or bicycle tires to create unique and intriguing costumes.

She currently plays in the show “Violin” in Tmuna theater and in Clipa’s “What’s Up With Shabtai”.

Rivka Administrative director

Rivka Herman | (1947) Born in Egypt

Born in Cairo, Egypt. In 1949 she immigrated to Israel with her parents, brothers and sisters to Holon. She gave birth to Idit (1971) and Michal (1974). In 1998, with Idit and Dima, she helped found Clipa Theater. Since 2014, Rivka works in the theater and is currently its administrative director.