This is How We Do It

This Is How We Do It | Premiere: 2015 , Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

“There is something about the admirable symbiosis between them, that makes it hard to tell them apart. Like they’re an indivisable single particle.” – Anat Zacharia, Habama  

The average man lives 70 years, defecates 127,750 times, takes a shower 51,100 times, changes his clothes 76,650 times and dies once. So how would you like to die? We work, run, come, go, love, fight, create, destroy, and all that – for what?

Oded Zadok and Kazuyo Shionoiri return in a hyperactive duet which toys with the meaning of life and – consequently – death, squeezing an entire life-time of happiness, hardship and household chores into a fast-forward soul search. Using radical physicality and the exhaustion of the body, they perform their day-to-day routines as a couple and wonder about their daily existence. They move until they drop, going to the extreme of life, death and other delusions.


Creators and performers: Oded Zadok, Kazuyo Shionoiri | Music: Yoni Tal | Lighting: Yanir Liberman | Artistic Direction: Idit Herman | Photography: Tanja Mecher | Costumes: Moriel Dezaldeti