Tales of the Magical Forest

“Until the end of the day, my son wouldn’t stop showing me how he can hold his knee and jump like Rubi the demon. That might be the clearest sign of a good show – it makes you want to be a part of it” – TimeOut


Every year a wonderful celebration takes place in the Magical Forest. But this year, the Whiny Witch – who was not invited – decides to take her revenge and cast a spell on the celebrations. Rubi, the Dandelion Demon, undergoes a journey to the White Magician in order to free his friends from the witch’s spell.

Experience an hour of splendid stories and encounters with the colorful characters of the Magical Woods.

Duration: 50 Minutes | Language: Hebrew | Age: 3-7

Creation, Design and Performance: Oded Zadok | Original Music and Musical Editing: Yoav Talmor | Set and Costumes: Oded Zadok | Doll Creation: Lee Meir | Sound, Light and Technician: Yonatan Kunda

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