Planning A Vacation From Myself. Checking Costs

Planning A Vacation From Myself. Checking Costs is a new piece by Oryan Yohanan, set inside the void that follows loss. The piece presents a non-performative staged dialogue between Yohanan and her mentor Idit Herman, artistic director of Clipa Theater. But now the tables are turned.

The sudden loss of Herman’s creative and life partner, Dima Tulpanov, burst the bubble that contained her belief as an artist in the image and the idea that art can save us. Now Yohanan poses the question: if life is fragile and bigger that art, how can the vacuum still be contained?


Creator and participant: Oryan Yohanan
Performer and co-creator: Idit Herman
Music and sound editing: Gal Hochberg
Lighting design: Yanir Liberman
Artistic guidance: Erez Maayan & Anat Katz

Created with assistance of the Arts & Culture branch, Arts Department, Tel Aviv Municipality
and the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts Tel Aviv.
Supported by the Intimadance festival.


Review on The Jerusalem Post

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