Moonlight Collage

Moonlight Collage | Premiere: 2002, International Festival of Street Theater and Art, Bat-Yam

“Moonlight Collage” is an original love story that takes place in the lunar kingdom. It’s nighttime, and the moon feels particularly romantic. The show tells love stories, presents dark and complex issues relating to relationships, love, hate and jealousy. Suddenly the day breaks and the sun appears, the moon’s biggest rival. After a dramatic brawl, they turn from rivals to lovers.

“Moonlight Collage” was created exclusively for the Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theater in Israel, and was performed at the Naples Street Festival, Italy and COS Festival, Spain.

Direction: Idit Herman, Dmitry Tyulpanov | Co-creators and original cast: Sahar Azimi, Idit Herman, Roni Karni, Dirk Kunesh, Svetlana Livshitz, Dmitry Tuylpanov, Elian Valaji, Anna Weissman. | Light design: Uri Morag | Original music: Clipa Theater | Set design: Idit Herman, Roni Karni | Costume design: Victoria Fleshler, Idit Herman, Roni Karni, Svetlana Livshitz | Technical director: Robert J. Phillips | Production and management: Liora Ben Yitzhak


“As soon as the gates were opened, the audience ran (literally!) as fast as they could to get front row seats. The inside lot, where the show was held, was filled within minutes, including spectators who got up, sat down and lay on the floor. At the end of the show, the big Neapolitan crowd couldn’t It was to stop clapping, cheering and whistling with excitement. It was a unique and unique experience, but I may have to start again, this time from the beginning … “

Yoram Morad, Cultural Exhibitor, Israeli Embassy, ​​Rome, reviews the performance at the Naples Street Festival. October 2001.