Clipa Theater in collaboration with Takederu Kudo (JAPAN)

A site specific performance, based on the existing “set” of the space it’s located in. MEN creates new images according to where it’s presented, the objects it contains and the views in it. The narrative of the show is simple, and inspired by classic stories like Pinocchio, Frankenstein and more. The legendary, almost childish components, stand in complete stylistic opposition to the real-time performance, which consists of the japanese style Butoh, clashing with total realism. 

Other than a show, MEN is a meeting between Idit Herman and Dimitry Tyulpanov, founders of Clipa theater, and between Taketeru Kudo – Japan’s leading Butoh artist. The complex, years long relationship between the three, stands at the center of their mutual creation, and the dialogue between them presents radically different direction and movement styles.

MEN was created and premiered in Tokyo, December 2013, before arriving in Israel later that year.

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MEN is part of Clipa’s archive and is no longer performed.