Adults Only

Adults Only | Premiere: 2018 | Clipa Theater, Tel Aviv

Adults Only is a theatrical experiment that sneaks a peak at sexuality in the golden years. The piece is set at the shooting of a pornographic film and performed by an entire cast of senior citizens, to whom sex is certainly not a dirty word. Adults Only tempts with social prohibitions and flirts with stigmas that often characterize old age. It will arouse some giggles from the audience, but also open a relevant and uncensored discourse on the right to experience and demonstrate sexuality at any age.

Director and playwright: Ariel Bronz | Original cast: Karnit Basson, Yosefa Bat Gad, Dorota Biels, Ariel Bronz, Telma Dim, David Dario Israel, Miri Lerman-Beer, Daniel Luz and Nancy Schneider.