The Observatory

The Observatory | Premiere: 2009, Israel Festival, Jerusalem

“Precise performance, nuanced humor… The imagination, humor and aesthetics are spectacular and endearing” – Yoni Itiel, ISRAEL HAYOM

The observatory tells about the archetypes of dreams. The same dreams we all have in different forms. Dreams that define the yearnings, desires and fears all humans share. The audience steps into a dark, soft space. Gradually, visual imagery surrounds the viewer – being chased down a forest, flying, the endless woman. The black space breathes, moves and changes like a magical box. The sets, lighting, characters and objects are all almost completely black. The images appear out of the darkness for a moment, fooling the viewer in their flicker.

The performance offers an immersive viewing experience, where the viewer is free to choose the point of view and the angle, while staying passive and protected by darkness. The dream-like atmosphere, derived from physical relaxation or laying on mattresses, is enhanced by the black monochromaticity.

The Observatory and its unique viewing experience , was created to fit “Telad” Studios’ blackbox.

By: Idit Herman, Dmitry Tyulpanov, Orit Bergman, Daniel Belanga Gubai | Actors: Dmitry Tyulpanov, Idit Herman, Daniel Belanga Gubai, Gabrielle Neuhaus, Roni Heller, Kazuyo Shionori, Oryan Michaeli, Or Mashiach, Oded Tzadok, Ilana Bellahsen | Lighting Design: Assi Guttesman | Sound Design: Yoni Tal