Special projects

Five Fingers

Five Fingers is a series of 5 short videos and performances on the subject of activism in public space initiated by Clipa Theater. The works are filmed with maximum physical and ideological intervention in the public sphere that is disturbed by the limitations and closures of late 2020. They will be presented on social media networks, where art can still exist. These are accusing five middle fingers towards the misconduct of the government and the subsequent social uprise in Israel today.

Artistic guidance: Idit Herman

Gal Volinez | A Day in the Life of a Faulty Thermometer - Wolfson Park

At the center of the video is a thermometer, of the type we are accustomed to seeing, one that stands at the entrance… read more

Oded Zadok | We Are All Refugees

A work that examines the position of refugees within our current reality,  using one of the most early types of… read more

Oryan Yohanan | My Life Reserved in an Empty Plot

In 2020, the number of women’s referrals to welfare services following domestic violence skyrocketed,… read more

Kazuyo Shionoiri | How You See Me

In the last ten years, the peace and quiet of Kazuyo, a Japanese citizen living in Israel, has been disturbed in countless… read more

Ariel Bronz | Lock the Hall

A protest in the shape of a literal lockdown of Tel Aviv’s main theaters, accompanied by a government closure, evacuation and… read more