Wonderful World – Forever/Never

יצירה בתהליך, ויצירה ישנה שחוזרת

Wonderful World is a work in progress that confronts the theme of violence, wearing out the medium of contemporary dance and contemporary live music to create a fictional scene of a massacre. In a slapstick and apocalyptic atmosphere where terror appears in a violent and uncontrollable manner, let’s hope that the frightened bird will see beyond the storm and appreciate those skies of blue and clouds of white. Let’s hope that the devastated love will take a few leaps backwards to put its sunken heart back in place.

Collective B is a performative art collective directed by the emerging artists Alja Ferjan (SL), Elsa Mourlam (FR) and Sonia Borkowicz (PL), based in Vienna, capital city of Austria. The collective is noted for the blending of different artistic disciplines, primarily contemporary dance but also contemporary music, visual art, theatre, cinema and literature. Each of the Collective B’s work grounds on a sensible and detailed artistic research that springs forth from a critical thinking. So far, Collective B created and presented its artworks in Austria, Croatia, Poland, Germany, France and Ireland, in theaters / festivals but especially in experimental artistic places, where arts are free to intertwine, to explore and to be challenged. For the season 2017/18, Collective B is working on two new performance projects « Wonderful World » and « Vulnarebilis », as well as on a new pedagogical project « The beauty of a smile ».

In May 2016 during FAKI festival (HR), Collective B took part in Forever/Never, a performance about violence created by Idit Herman – choreographer and artistic director of Clipa theater (IL). Inspired by this experience, as well as being touched and moved by tragedies, Elsa came out with a new performance proposal called Wonderful World. Her colleague Sonia Borkowicz associated with her to explore the emotion of terror and dig into the topic of violence. To concretize this new project, during the month of November/December 2017, they realized together with the musician Tomas Novak, a 6 weeks residency at Clipa Theater in Tel Aviv. The research was support by the kind artistic advice of Idit Herman.



Wonderful World

Concept: Elsa Mourlam | Artistic advice: Idit Herman | Dance & Choreography: Elsa Mourlam & Sonia Borkowicz |Live Music: Tomas Novak

Supported by:

 Clipa Theater Tel Aviv (IL) |  Medika / Klub Attack Autonomous       Cultural Centre Zagreb (HR) |  STW Poznan (PL) |- Anton Bruckner University Linz (AT



Creation and design: Idit Herman | Music and Sound: Dmitry Tyulpanov | Performers: A Daniel Pakes, Dror Liberman, Oryan Yohanan, Rafael Haugas,  | Costumes and Styling:Zohar Furman 

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