The Wonders of Life

A lively adventure for children aged 3-7, combining animals, movement, and humor.

The children will encounter a wide and colorful range of animals from the Alharizi rescue farm. During which they will learn about the habits of the different animals, listen to stories and fascinating zoological facts about them, learn about the animals’ behavior in their natural habitat and in captivity, and will try to imitate their physical behavior through dance exercises under the instruction of dance teachers for children.

The Wonders of life will introduce the children to a variety of different animal species:
Mammals– ferrets, lambs, hamsters, and a field mouse.
Birds– Roosters & chickens, ducks, and pigeons.
Reptiles– turtles, lizards, and snakes.
Insects– beetles, worms, phasmids (stick insects), spiders and even snails.

The Wonders of Life will be the first in a series of educational encounters for children on Fridays

at Clipa 37.

This is an educational happening for the benefit of respectful behavior to animals and protecting them.

Conducted by:
Ran Schlezinger – manager and caregiver at the Alharizi animal shelter. Ran is an activist for animal rights and saves abandoned or abused animals.

Eyar Blumberg and Yahli Elimelech– actresses, dancers and dance teachers for children.

Friday, April 13th, 14:00
Clipa 37
37 HaRav Kook St, Tel Aviv

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