The Lowest Spot in Tel Aviv

A guided tour highlighting the city's darkest corners

“The best quality of ‘The Lowest Spot in Tel Aviv’ lies in it’s symbolism. Merchants, refugees, and a Korean boy with a Spiderman shirt and gazing eyes. No one can stay indifferent to this character, that looks as if it landed directly from a Marvel Comic Book into Tel Aviv” – Avishai Huri/Bamahane


“The Lowest Spot in Tel Aviv” is a street solo and city tour in one, inserting elements of parkour, acrobatics and martial arts. Designed as a guided tour in the shady streets and alleys of an infamous neighbourhood of the city, Liberman takes his audience past a number of stops, each location dedicated to fragments of his life, before arriving to the lowest spot in Tel Aviv – the place for those with nothing to lose.

He disguises himself as a superhero to bend reality for a moment, to let the fantasy enter the street, the sidewalks, the walls, the windows of the grey cityscape. Touring the area around Tel Aviv’s notorious old central bus station, the show creates a loaded, political dialogue between the sense of estrangement he felt while being far from home to that of the many immigrants who call this forsaken corner of the city their home.

With a constant defiance of the laws of gravity and an uncompromising courage, he combines a energetic street performance with a personal confession. 

This performance has been adapted to several other cities abroad, each being unique to its specific surrounds.



Created and performed by: Dror Liberman | Artistic Direction: Idit Herman | Photography: Danielle Shitrit | Video: Doron Oved

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