A fearless portrait of today's Israel

“An aesthetic act of courage […] A charismatic language of movement that draws us inside” – Anat Zecharia, Yedioth Aharonot


In “Take Down”, Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri spank, bite, spit, pull each other’s hair, push each other to the floor, and make use of a surreal variety of acrobatics, throws and beatings. But this is nothing compared to what they are referencing: the rudeness and radicalisation of discourse in society today, transforming it into a wrestling ring in which one fights like there is no tomorrow.

The sense of violence and brutality, which seems to have become an accepted and integral part of our existence, is expressed in the choreography and created with great awareness of the role of the spectator – each equally responsible for it being a part of our lives. “Take Down” raises many questions and disputes the common distinction between good and bad, right and wrong, pleasure and pain.


“A dark allegory of the day-to-day battles, as an indication to the narrow borders of our existence, to the everlasting distance from freedom” – Ruth Eshel, Haaretz

“A pair of remarkable dancers, insightful and capable” – Ora Braphman, Dancetalk

“A spectacle of violence for the audience” – Idit Suslik, City Mouse

“Liberman is the perfect dancer-athlete” – Zvi Goren, Habama


Creators and Performers: Kazuyo Shionoiri and Dror Liberman | Dramaturgy and Concept Development: Idit Herman | Costumes: Marina Moiseeva | Created with the support of MASH Dance Center. Special thanks to Tmuna Theater

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