“All That Works”

“Education demands innovation”  – Tractate Ḥagigah, Talmud

All that works – the opening show / ceremony of Clipa 37

All what works” realizes an extraordinary activity through the use of live electronic music, movement and singing, in the light of common goals and values such as human equality, Zionism, fulfillment, social justice, Arab-Jewish coexistence, social involvement, striving for peace and the being of a democratic, moral and right Israeli society, and of course keeping the value of life and everything that works.
Clipa 37, the new home of Clipa Theater, is an interdisciplinary and flexible artistic space, which does not separate audience and stage. Each month the space will transform to deal with a different theme, a purpose for which will be joined by artists from all art fields.

Together we will provide a non-compromising artistic reaction to the Israeli reality, while referencing the history of both the neighborhood and the building.

All that works is an interdisciplinary show / ceremony with the participation of twenty dancers, actors, singers, musicians and children aged 7 to 77, epitomizing  all that makes one feel empathy and bliss.

Thursday, March 22nd, 19:37.
Clipa 37, 37 Ha’Rav Kook St (Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood), Tel Aviv.
Admission – 60-80 NIS, Yemenite delicacies and wine included.

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