Clipa 37

Clipa 37

Clipa 37 is the new home of Clipa Theater.
Clipa 37 is an artistic, social, innovative endeavor.
Clipa 37 is a gallery for performance, contemporary theater and plastic arts in the space of a former synagogue on 37 Ha’Rav Kook St, Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood, Tel Aviv.

Clipa 37 will awaken, for 365 days only,  the shack which was used by “Ezrat A’chim” association, allowing it to become once more a house for contradictions, revolutionary ideas and extraordinary one time artistic collaborations, a moment before the historic building will be demolished in favor of another skyscraper.

Clipa 37 will be a flexible cultural space, without separation between stage and audience, which will transform monthly according to a chosen social-political subject, around which we shall be joined by creators from all art fields.

Together we will work in relation to the past and unique nature of the place by giving a non-compromising artistic reaction to the Israeli reality. Among the expected monthly themes: “Kosher corruption”, “sexual harassment”, “everything that works” and more.

After two decades of occupying our home on HaRakevet Street, which resonates the loss of Dimitry Tulpanov, one of the group’s founders who passed away three years ago, and after the building has become too small for the group’s widespread artistic and social activities, it is time to move forward to a new space, which will provide us room to create and curate groundbreaking exhibitions and shows and to discover new forms for audience-engaging performances.

The renovation and styling of the space was led by Dan Porat – resotrator and designer.
The building concept is based on using recycled only materials, and uses elements and colors that match and resonate the original calling of the synagogue, in its’ new form.

Clipa Theater group was established in 1995 and was among the pioneers of visual theater, performance and immersive theater both locally and globally.

During these years Clipa has created dozens of shows, collaborated with prominent cultural institutions, participated in many international festivals and won multiple prizes.
Dealing with canonical traditions while pushing the boundaries of artistic aesthetics allows the group to constantly and relentlessly react to the social and political reality in Israel.

The “Ezrat A’chim” association was founded in the 1920’s to “provide medical aid, education and culture to the Yemenite community”.
The association members purchased a lot on HaYam street (today – HaRav Kook), in which a small shack was built. Initially a synagogue, the shack proved to accomodate a wide range activities – Hebrew and music lessons, a library and even a medical clinic.
When it was decided to build a permanent home for the association, a three story building was erected upon the shack’s ruins, and became known as the “Ezrat A’chim” synagogue.